Electric radiators vs. gas central heating

This type of heating is referred to as a ‘wet system’ on this website, due to the circulation of hot water through the radiators to deliver heat. This type of system requires a central boiler hence the term central heating.

Our electric radiators provide an identical quality of heat (i.e. radiated heat) coupled with  our own running costs which we experienced - full details provided. However, our radiators offer far more accurate and flexible control enabling you to program your required temperature on an hour-by-hour basis for each individual radiator – something no gas central heating system can provide.

A further drawback of gas central heating systems is the need for pipes to supply the gas, and then to circulate the heated water around the radiator system. This pipe system is messy and inconvenient to install, and requires annual maintenance checks to prevent or repair leaks.

Our electric radiators are easy and quick to install, (simply drill four holes, fix the bracket, plug in and go), without the need for any pipes or inconvenience. And once installed, they require no further maintenance, saving you money and time in the future, and providing peace of mind for the future