About Economy Radiators

In the beginning...

Michael Wood, founder and Managing Director of The Economy Radiator Company, made a life-changing decision when he chose to sell off his highly profitable business and comfortable home to spend more time with horses.

Without that decision, he wouldn’t have hit upon his alternative to traditional ‘central heating’, which he did when he was quoted a whopping £9,000 to install a gas-fired system to heat the bungalow he was building on the land he’d bought for his horses to live on.

Michael drew upon his engineering skill and experience as a director of a multi-national electronics firm to devise a means of heating homes and workspaces properly and economically.

He had faith that electric radiators could and should be an excellent method for heating any space, provided that quality parts were used to build them and that they could ultimately offer controllability, low running costs and a quality heating experience. Michael’s expertise in expense reduction analysis taught him that electricity can be bought cheaply - and he soon proved, through live testing on his own property, that the radiators could offer quality heating at low running costs.

What started off as a man-with-a-van-drill-screw driver and can-do attitude operation quickly gathered momentum as customers began to recognise that electric radiators could offer ‘central heating’ without the high costs, pipes and fuss – and word began to spread that The Economy Radiator Company’s electric radiators are the best on the market.

The Economy Radiator Company has since experienced enormous growth, doubling in size in the last year, employing more than 10 staff and turning over in excess of £4.5million per year. Furthermore, whereas The Economy Radiator Company initially had to outsource the supply of the radiators to a trusted supplier in Europe, the radiators are now manufactured at The Economy Radiator Company’s own production facility. The only UK manufacturer of Aluminium Electric Radiators.The Economy Radiator Company prides itself on its honest and open approach, and is adamant that electric radiators represent the future of heating.