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UK Heating in the Home Survey - Infographic

12th November, 2013
Posted by Mrs Smurfwaite

A survey carried out on behalf of The Economy Radiator Company has revealed that 89% of UK consumers feel that energy prices are now unreasonable, with 71% worrying about not actually being able to pay their energy bills!

Those are shocking statistics which indicate that energy companies are not giving UK householders a fair deal in this tough economic climate.

It also seems that there is a need for greater clarity from suppliers, with 62% claiming that the plethora of utility suppliers and their mixed messaging confuse them.

Efforts are being made by the Government and consumer watchdog Ofgem to tackle ‘The Big Six’ energy companies to ensure that UK households and families are given clearer messaging and a fairer deal, but the survey does also reveal that households could do more to reduce their energy bills:

  • Only 54% of respondents said they felt their home was energy efficient
  • 36% said that they are uncertain that their current energy tariff is the best fit for their requirements

An opportunity therefore exists to reduce utility bill costs by investigating current tariff rates and by taking measures to make homes more energy efficient.

Michael Wood, MD of The Economy Radiator Company, has made some suggestions to help make homes and offices more energy efficient and reduce utility bills, such as:

  • improving your home’s insulation
  • understanding the energy tariff you are on and assessing whether it is the best fit for your requirements
  • looking at alternative means of heating your home to traditional central heating, such as installing state-of-the-art electric radiators offering controllability over energy output and, therefore, running costs

Check out our amazing infographic for more stats about the UK’s perception of home heating.  With energy prices still on the rise it is more important than ever for heating systems to have full controllability, click here to find out more about how our electric radiators work. 

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