Comparing Different Heating Systems

Electric radiators have many advantages over other heating systems. If you want fully controllable heating, low maintenance and comfortable heat from a stylish product, then our radiators are for you.

Making the right heating choice can be difficult, because there’s so much information to weigh up. So, here’s our handy comparison table to help you make the right choice for your home heating system:

  Electric radiators Storage heaters Convection heaters Central heating (gas or oil)
Fully controllable heating
Low installation costs
Maintenance free
Clean heat (no wall blackening)
Responsive to quick weather changes
Comfortable blend of radiated and convected heat
Slim and unobtrusive
Efficient heating (Only heats where and when required. i.e. no pipes, boiler, heat leakage, etc.)

And remember, not all heating systems are equal. All our radiators offer the following benefits:

Superior controllability

  • 24 hour, seven-day programme
  • Comfort and economy settings
  • Manual override, allowing complete flexibility and control

Easy installation

  • Fitted in less than 15 minutes
  • Plug into a standard domestic electricity socket
  • No pipes, no mess, no fuss
  • No annual maintenance

Radiated heat

  • Our radiators emit a mixture of radiated and convected heat
  • Many people – including us – find this more comfortable
  • Eliminates cold spots in rooms

If you are looking for an efficient source of heating, with low installation costs, no ongoing maintenance and an attractive design, then please view our range.

If you would like help to choose the size of radiator you need for each room, then either complete the online quote request, or call 01845 518888. Our friendly and helpful team in Yorkshire will be glad to help you out.