Electric Radiators v Night Storage Heaters

Many homes – quite often flats or post-war builds – rely on night storage heaters as a primary heating source. But is this the most efficient way to heat a home?

At Economy Radiators, our products are designed to take the guess work out of comfortable heating. Our thermostatic controlled radiators only draw electricity when your room temperature dips below the desired temperature. This should be how all heating systems are used, and is the advice of organisations such as the Energy Savings Trust.

Unfortunately, storage heaters do no offer this level of easy control and efficient operation.

To help you make the right choice for your home heating, here’s a comparison table to help you choose the right heating system for you.

  Electric radiators Storage heaters
Controllable heating 24/7
Hours drawing electricity 3.5hrs (avg) 7 or 10hrs
Heating on demand 24/7
Heat leakage when not needed
Low maintenance
Ultra slimline
Thermostat activated

The 3.5hrs 'drawing time' findings are based on our experience of using electric radiators in our premises. We publish our own test results, providing running costs for four test rooms. The latest running costs can be viewed here. Our tests were completed in properties with single glazing and poor insulation.

Heat quality and electricity consumption

Storage heaters mainly deliver their heat by convection. Air heated by the unit rises and, as it cools, it falls creating a current of air which flows around the room. Often, night storage heaters are situated opposite a window to improve this convection current.

At Economy Radiators, we believe a heat source that uses radiated and convected heat is more comfortable, as it eliminates cold spots that can be caused by convection heating.

Night storage heaters use electricity through the night at a lower off-peak price. However, most people use the majority of their electricity during on-peak times. Your kettle, TV, iron, all your other appliances, will draw electricity at the higher rate. We suggest you carefully look at how much more this may be costing you.

Also, depending on the electric tariff you’ve chosen, a storage heater uses electricity for 7 or 10 hours a night to store heat. This is not something the owner can control.

As mentioned above, in our own premises, we find that our electric radiators draw electricity for an average of 3.5 hours per day. This is a 50% reduction in usage compared to this fixed storage heater consumption. And, our radiators only require a normal, single rate domestic electricity tariff.

Why not see how much you could save by completing a comparison with UK Power.

Replacing storage heaters

If you already have night storage heaters installed don’t despair. Replacing them with more modern heating systems is actually very easy. We have a section on replacing storage heaters which you can find here.

The Energy Savings Trust recommends that to save energy consumption (and therefore money) your ideal heating system allow you to:

  • Control the temperature of the room
  • Reduce the temperature at night or when not occupied

This level of control is easy using our Economy Radiators. Don’t forget every radiator is fitted with thermostatic controls.

If you are looking for an efficient source of heating, with low installation costs, no ongoing maintenance and an attractive design, then please view our range.

If you would like help to choose the size of radiator you need for each room, then either complete the online quote request, or call 01845 518888. Our friendly and helpful team, based in Yorkshire, will help you out.