Our Range of Electric Radiators

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All of the Economy Radiator Company’s electric radiators are manufactured to the highest standards.  The only aluminium energy efficient radiators to be produced in the UK.

Our radiators have quality heating elements, digital thermostats and are fully programmable for complete time and temperature control – which can make your running costs cheaper. They are also easy to install, with the option to be freestanding or wall mountable.

Choose an electric radiator today and experience the advantages of electric heating at home.

The Benefits of an Electric Radiator

If you’ve found our website, you’re probably looking for a cost-effective, energy-efficient way to heat your home. Our 3 different radiators are all individual in design and offer a great, contemporary way to keep your home warm.

Stylish and practical – sleek white modern designs and convenient

Made in the UK – we’re very proud of our British roots, ensuring you get a 100% quality product each and every time. We are still the only manufacturer of aluminium radiators in the UK!

Affordable – prices for our Ultra Slimline radiator start from just £240, giving you the opportunity to purchase 1 or more of our electric radiators at a great low price.