Ultra Slimline Electric Radiator

Our all new Ultra Slimline electric radiator combines modern and innovative electronics with a sleek and slimline design. With easy controllability, this efficient radiator is fully programmable and easy to use. 

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£240.00 (Exc. VAT £200.00)

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Suitable for room sizes up to 7m2 (modern insulation)

Wattage 600
Room Size (poor insulation) 6m2
Room Size (modern insulation) 7m2
Weight 10kg

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Product description

Ultra Slimline radiators are currently going through testing to ensure they are compliant to Lot20 specification, hopefully they will be available early September 2018

Unique benefits

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Attractive slimline design
  • Easy "touch screen" and fully-programmable
  • Control via your iOS or Android device
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Suitable for all rooms and homes
  • Patented design
  • Made 100% in Britain
  • Fast delivery
  • 2 year warranty on electrical components
  • 10-year guarantee on body

The Ultra Slimline Electric Radiator combines innovation, technology, and efficiency into a slim and sleek aluminium body. The patented system emanates a completely even distribution across the body of the radiator, creating a compact design with maximum output. The Ultra Slimline produces a heating system that requires minimal energy to heat up your space. Economical heating relies on speed, and this radiator instantly and quietly heats up to the desired temperature.

Sophisticated electronics incorporated into the Ultra Slimline allows it to be controlled via an app on your iOS device, via Bluetooth. This makes adjusting the temperature of a room extremely easy and only a tap away.

The sleek design of this radiator is space-saving and stylish. With five sizes to choose from, the Ultra Slimline is suitable for spaces of any size. Not only this, but the radiator requires no pipes, no mess, and no fuss. All you need is a plug and you’re good to go. This makes the radiator suitable for all homes, garages, outhouses, and offices with electricity.

One of the key features of the Ultra Slimline is that it is manufactured in the UK. All of its competitors are made outside of the UK with higher costs and lower standards. Our Ultra Slimline is composed of quality British parts that are reliable and of a high-standard.

Most importantly, the Ultra Slimline has low running costs. Through conducting real life energy consumption studies, we can be confident that we have produced a radiator that is one of the most energy-efficient. This radiator maintains the temperature of a room with absolute precision. The accuracy of the thermostat results in the radiator heating itself up if the room temperature drops even slightly. With this fully programmable radiator, you don’t need to think twice about controlling your heating – it’s all done for you.

In an independent test, one of our customers replaced all radiators in his 5-bedroom house with our electric radiators. The result of this was that the electric radiators cost him 10% less than his previous gas central heating: “A substantial saving to anything else in the market place.”

All radiators are fully guaranteed to give all purchasers peace of mind.


The Ultra Slimline electric radiator has a quick and easy installation process. Taking no more than 15 minutes, the process requires little DIY knowledge or skill.

Each radiator comes with screws and wall plugs. All that is required of you is to drill four holes into the wall, insert the wall plugs, mount the wall brackets using the screws, and hang the radiator. Plug the radiator into the nearby socket and it’s good to go.

Click here for printable installation guide.

Customer reviews

98% of customers liked this radiator


Really well made and work perfectly. So different and better to cheap old electric convectors that there is no comparison. The programming of each radiator could be a little more slick, but this is a minor issue. However, the Android app for controlling them doesn't work. I've tried it on two different devices. That's very disappointing.

Posted on:

3rd May 2018


Same as above..................................................................

Posted on:

3rd May 2018


Excellent modern, efficient and controllable electric radiator.British made product.

Posted on:

20th April 2018


The product is slimline and of a good design, very easy to install and set up.

Posted on:

3rd April 2018


Again a good product easy to install and set up.

Posted on:

3rd April 2018