Heating a Conservatory with Electric Radiators

During the summer months, conservatories provide a great space to relax and enjoy the warm effects of the sunshine. You don’t need to have planning permission to build a conservatory, making it a great, hassle-free home extension. However, their poor insulation properties mean that at night and during the winter, your conservatory could become cold and uninviting. 
Our new and improved Ultra Slimline offers the solution, including all of the features required for conservatory heating. Its low height, sleek design and its fully programmable thermostat mean you can warm your room efficiently. It provides a low cost, efficient alternative to installing additional plumbing or underfloor heating.

electric radiators for conservatories 

Why choose electric radiators for your conservatory? 

When thinking of all the benefits of building a conservatory, many people don’t realise just how chilly their new extension can become during the colder months.

Single, double glazed or even triple glazed windows are no match for the layers of brick and insulation that your home provides, resulting in more heat escaping. Installing heating for conservatories is essential if you want to use your space all year round. An electric radiator fits the bill, providing a fast, attractive and affordable solution to keep your space warm and cosy.

Which electric radiator features should you look for to heat your conservatory?

Conservatories don’t benefit from the same levels of insulation as other rooms in the house. This is due to the large amounts of glass which make up their construction. 

As such, you need a radiator that is powerful enough to heat the room without being too large for the limited wall space. This means that the minimum wattage needed to heat a conservatory is larger than that needed in other rooms. This is reflected in the wattage and room size recommendations that we provide for our Ultra Slimline radiators, offering product specifications dependent on room size and insulation quality. 

Benefits of choosing electric radiators for conservatories 

They’re simple to install 
Electric radiators are ideally suited to conservatory heating. Their innovative design eliminates the need to add in or extend any existing plumbing or pipework. All you need to do is plug the radiator straight into your mains through a standard 13 amp socket. It couldn’t be more straightforward. 

Compact design
The Ultra Slimline radiator features slim and lightweight design, making it easy to mount on the wall. Its compact shape makes it much less obtrusive than bulky piped radiators. 

Rapid and even heating
Electric radiators tend to heat conservatories much faster than alternative heating solutions such as underfloor heating. For example, the multiple heating elements and aluminium body of the Ultra Slimline will disperse heat rapidly and evenly, using a combination of both radiated and convected heat. 

Fully programmable
Each of our radiators can be controlled via an app on your phone or by using its simple interface. You can program your radiator to heat your conservatory exactly how you want, hour-by-hour. If you need a bit of extra warmth at any point, it’s easy to manually adjust the temperature too.
For more information, see our guides to installing and programing your electric radiators.

Digital thermostat provides accurate temperature control
Accurate digital thermostats ensure that your conservatory will never be over or under-heated. Thanks to a microchip ‘optimiser’, the Ultra Slimline radiator will use the minimum amount of electricity needed to heat the room to your desired temperature. 

To heat your conservatory in the most efficient way possible, we recommend running a constant, cooler temperature when the room is not in use – and during the summer too. This means that when you do want to heat the room in the winter, the radiator will have less work to do than if it was starting out cold. This in turn means you can enjoy spending time in your conservatory all year round.

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