How Our Electric Radiators Work

Flexible, controllable, comfortable heat at your fingertips.

Our radiators are designed to be flexible, fully controllable and stylish, too. And they are so easy to install – simply plug into your mains electricity for comfortable and controllable heat.

But how do the radiators provide such efficient and controllable performance? Take a look at our at-a-glance table, and then read on for a more in-depth analysis.

Electric radiator feature The benefit you get
Multiple heating elements Multiple moulded elements give rapid and even heat distribution
Aluminium body Light weight, stylish looks and comfortable heat dispersal
Accurate thermostat No over- or under-heating of your rooms
Electronic control panel No wasted energy consumption

Multiple heating elements

Multiple heating elements are moulded into the body, providing rapid and even heat distribution across the entire radiator. Sealing the heating element directly into the aluminium body ensures the radiator rapidly heats up and uses energy efficiently. "Patent pending" 1522504.8

Aluminium body

The use of aluminium allows for a comfortable mix of radiated and convected heat to warm your room. Aluminium has a number of great qualities. It is light weight, strong and has great heat conduction properties. Using aluminium means we get great heat dispersal, yet retain a light product which can be mounted onto any type of internal wall.

Accurate thermostat

The thermostat is perhaps the most important component of the radiator – and we use the most accurate available in our radiators. It uses microchip technology to optimise the consumption of electricity. This means you will consume exactly the energy required to heat the room to your specified temperature, without wasting a single kilowatt.

For low running costs:

  • Don't switch the radiators off at night
  • Don't switch the radiators off when not using the room
  • Do run a constant temperature, dropping the room temperature by four degrees when not in the room for a long period or at night
  • Do increase the temperature when you need it

By maintaining a minimum temperature, the radiator can quickly and easily heat the room to your specified comfort level without using large amounts of energy. The results are comfortable heating and a more efficient energy usage.

Electronic control panel

All of our electric radiators feature a digital control panel for complete control on an hourly basis. You choose what temperature to set for each hour of the day, seven days a week, to suit your household needs.

Of course, you can override the programmed temperature manually at any time.

When the room has reached the desired temperature, the radiator will only use a small percentage of its energy capacity – drawing just enough electricity to maintain the temperature.

If you are looking for an efficient source of heating, with low installation costs, no ongoing maintenance and an attractive design, then please view our range.

If you would like help to choose the size of radiator you need for each room, then either complete the online quote request, or call 01845 518888. Our friendly and helpful team, based in Yorkshire, will help you out.