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Consumers will save on heating bills by investing now

December, 2012

Despite the temperatures rising in the UK people are investing in efficient heating to ready their homes for the winter according to The Economy Radiator Company.

Summer is a notoriously quiet season for the supplier of state-of-the art electric radiators, but not this year, the company is bucking the trend and making sales of up to £10,000 per day. To compare this with the busy winter months, sales reach in excess of £50,000 per day.

Michael Wood, MD is an expert cost reduction analyst, he said: “We had a bad winter that went on for longer with some people needing the extra heat up until the end of April. Soaring costs have made people think about what they are spending and are already looking for suitable cost-effective alternatives.”

Those that plan now can make sure they save even more on their fuel bills. Having a good set of electric radiators and making sure the home is insulated properly before the next winter comes will mean make savings sooner than those that leave it until the last minute.

The Economy Radiator Company has just launched a new electric radiator called Simplistique. This great looking range of radiators comprises a modern, flat fronted panel radiator made from high quality aluminium. It has a large display panel on the front with one-touch buttons for quick and easy temperature adjustment.

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