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This article was produced for Home Building & Renovating website. The Economy Radiator Company's Guide to electric heating and expense reduction

December, 2012
Whether you have bought a new plot of land to build your dream home on, are tackling a conversion or simply updating / extending your home, heating it will always be on the agenda.

For most, the first likely thought would be to install or extend a gas central heating system; it is after all what the UK has been brought up on. Gas seems to set the benchmark for cost effective heating; but there are many alternatives and electrical heating has more benefits than you might first think - especially to the keen ‘self-builder’. Use electricity properly on the correct tariff and it can have running costs on a par with gas.

Across the waters, our European friends have been using electrical heating for many years and are years ahead of the UK market in their understanding of effective heating and cost reduction. That is why their electrical radiators are advanced; they are designed to be programmable, offering multi-time and multi-temperature functions.

Having an electrical radiator heating system has many benefits. If you are building your house from scratch, buying a central heating system for your home and installing it can be costly and has to be carefully factored in to the project. In comparison if you use electric radiators, they can link in with the wiring the electrician will be installing and can be done right at the end once all the walls are finished and even decorated.

If you are extending a property then extending the central heating may not always be practical, in these cases you could consider adding an electric radiator extension instead.

Electric radiators are quick and easy to install. Work out where you want your radiators, as a starting point the best place in a room is under the window. A good supplier of electric radiators will be able to advise you how many and what size radiators you will require to heat your rooms giving you the best heating experience and comfort.

They require very little fuss and mess to put into place; it should be just a case of a bracket and a 13amp socket.

Added to these benefits are no annual maintenance, no leaking pipes and no need for plumbers. A great plus point if you renovate a property to rent.