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April, 2012

Changing the time or temperature of your electric radiator is quick and simple, keeping you comfortable on chilly evenings.
Changing the time:

  • When the system is running, press the P button once
  • Hold down the P button for 5 seconds, which will take you into the schedule programme
  • Press the P button again to return to sleep mode
  • Here you will be able to change the day and current time by using the +/- buttons and using m/ok to confirm your
  • selection

Once you have confirmed the day and time press P to return to your running schedule
Changing the temperature:

  • When the system is running, press m/ok to change to the sun or moon setting (sun for day, moon for night time)
  • Press the +/- buttons to adjust the temperature, then press m/ok to move through the different settings
  • Repeat steps for each setting