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Top tips for a warm home

December, 2012

A North Yorkshire-based expert in home heating has issued five tips to help householders keep warm during the current cold snap.

Michael Wood, who is an expert in expense reduction analysis, believes that six out of ten UK householders pay around 30 per cent too much for their electricity, and that around 10 per cent of their yearly spend will be caused by the current cold weather. 

“Part of the problem is that people don’t know how to shop around to get the best electricity tariff,” he says. “And then they struggle to know how to use their electric heaters efficiently. This is a real issue during very cold weather and when energy prices are so high.”

“For most people, 80 per cent of their energy is used in the six winter months, 40 per cent in the two peak months and around 10 per cent in the five coldest days.”

Michael’s business, The Economy Radiator Company, is based in Dalton near York. It has grown from a standing start to a £4.5 million turnover in just four years. The company, which has a policy of employing from the local area, has just moved into new, 5,000 sq. foot premises, tripling its capacity.

Michael has issued his top five tips to help householders keep warm:

  1. Make sure you’re on the right tariff. For electricity you should be aiming to get as close as possible to 8 or 9.5 pence per kilowatt hour (2.5p for gas). Look at comparison sites and switch to the best tariff for you.
  2. Don’t automatically use Economy 7 or 10 tariffs. The night rates on Economy 7 or 10 are low, but the day rates are correspondingly high to average back what you have saved
  3. The most economical way to heat your house (assuming your heating is thermostatically controlled) is to leave the heating on all the time with a four degree temperature reduction at night, or when out at work.
  4. Regulate your heating intelligently from room to room so that it’s warm in rooms only at times when you need to be in them; each room being set differently.
  5. Make sure you have the correct capacity heater for the room you’re heating. Measure the width, length and height of the room and buy a heater with the correct capacity. A heater with the incorrect, capacity (i.e.: too small), will use more energy and still not achieve the desired effect.