Replacing Outdated Storage Heaters

Top 3 Reasons to Replace Storage Heaters With Electric Radiators:

1.      Storage heaters are large, bulky and dated

2.      The heat is ‘dry heat’ meaning it’s not good for your health

3.      The storage heater is not as efficient as modern day heating systems

At Economy Radiators, we have many customers who choose our product to replace their existing storage heaters throughout their home. They are very satisfied with the modern upgrade to an electric heating system and we have some great testimonials:

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Facts About Storage Heaters

Fact 1: Storage heaters are filled with bricks - they use what you are lead to believe is cheap rate off peak electricity to store up heat over night.

Fact 2: The on peak tariff is over inflated and designed to steal back those savings so you will always pay on average the same as anyone else.

Fact 3: With the Economy 7 tariff, it is often overlooked that you get a cheap rate only for the hot water and heating, whereas the rest of the house is penalised on a far higher inflated 24 hour price that effectively means any real savings are significantly reduced or even neutralised.

·        e.g. economy 7 tariff 7p off peak / 16p on peak, a normal 24-hour tariff could be 10p --- 33% lower than the on peak.

We believe the only reason they give you a low off peak is if you use huge amounts of electricity during these hours, which is unnecessary, ultimately costing you a great deal. 

Fact 4: You need to predict the weather the day before you need the heat. This means on a warm day you have to waste energy.

Fact 5: Once you have stored the heat unfortunately you cannot stop it coming out, or conversely they do tend to run out of heat in the evening just when you need it most.

Fact 6: The heat given off by a storage heater is a dry heat, where the air is actually physically burnt hence the carbon deposits. This can be bad for your health and for asthma suffers.

Fact 7: The distribution of heat tends to be very high at the ceiling and minimal around your feet were you often need it.

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Why Your Storage Heater Could Be Costing You More Than You Think

First you need to understand your existing economy 7 or 10 tariffs (or sometimes known as total heat total control in Scotland). For example :-

Off Peak 0 to 7am (frequently only storage and hot water): 7p kw
On Peak (or the rest of the house 24 hour): 16p kw

A storage heater must be set for a fixed 7 hours to store heat overnight; you cannot vary that. Our product is fully thermostatic so it varies its consumption to match the weather. This means it will ensure you use the correct level of electricity and deliver the correct level of comfort in the same manner a gas system would. Please see our running costs info here

All statements made are our “own opinion” based on the real life and published running costs of four test rooms which we measured on our own premises. 

Why Upgrade to an Electric Radiator?

Each radiator can be multi time and multi temperature controlled, so you have the exact individual temperature for any given room and better still vary that temperature depending on the time of day.

It requires only a normal single rate domestic electric tariff, the most competitive being around 10p per kwh (was 8p per kwh). 

To change from your storage heaters is simple, having removed them, any quality electrician can change the electrical points to a 24-hour supply (storage heaters only get electric for 7 hours). This should take him about 30 minutes.

Our product is not a storage heater, it is a far more modern product with full control, high quality of heat and low energy consumption. Switch it on and it will be heating the room within 5 mins.

How To Upgrade to Electric Radiators

Step 1: Choose your new electric radiator here. We offer free delivery and orders are shipped within 48hrs.

Step 2: Change with your existing electricity supplier to a normal 24-hour tariff by making a phone call. It may take 2 / 3 weeks and sometimes costs £50.

Step 3: Only when this is done then move to a more competitive supplier.

Step 4: Your electrician can convert all the storage heater sockets to a 24-hour supply takes him 30 minutes for the whole house.

Step 5: Enjoy “The Heating of the Future” with a modern, electric radiator!