Replace Storage Heaters

Reasons for Storage Heater Replacement

There is a widespread need to replace storage heaters as homeowners begin to recognise the many drawbacks to them. Storage heaters have quickly become dated and are bulky, inefficient, and produce a ‘dry heat’ that is bad for the health of the owner.

As a result, many of our customers approach us with the intention of replacing storage heaters with electric radiators. To fully understand why this is beneficial, here are some of the key disadvantages of storage heaters. 

1. Suppliers advertise cheap off-peak rates to store heat overnight. However, the on-peak tariff is over-inflated and designed to steal back those savings. Consequentially, individuals don’t usually end up making savings.

2. With the Economy 7 tariff, it is often overlooked that you get a cheap rate for only hot water and heating. The rest of your property is penalised on a much higher 24-hour price, meaning that any real savings are significantly reduced or even neutralised. 

3. As heat needs to be stored overnight for there to be heat available the next day, owners have to predict the weather for the following day. This can lead to energy being wasted on a warm day, and is therefore a huge economic disadvantage to storage heaters. 

4. Once heat has been stored, you unfortunately cannot stop a storage heater from emitting the heat. This means that the heat tends to run out by the evening, which is when people need it most. Many owners become frustrated that their home is being heated most while they are at work. 

5. The ‘dry heat’ given off by storage heaters is air that is physically burnt, leading to carbon deposits. This is bad for the health of those breathing it in, and particularly bad for asthma sufferers.

6. The distribution of heat in storage heaters tends to be very high at the top of the room and minimal around your feet, where you need it most. 

Economic Reasons For Storage Heater Replacement

To comprehend how inefficient storage heaters can be, it’s important to understand the economy 7 or 10 tariffs you are on (sometimes known as total heat control in Scotland). For example:

Off-Peak 0 to 7am (frequently only heating and hot water): 7p/kw
On-Peak (or the rest of the house, 24-hour): 16p/kw

On the other hand, a normal 24-hour tariff can be 10p/kw, which is 33% lower than the on-peak tariff. It can be argued that suppliers offer off-peak tariffs as they know that most people use their electricity during the day, therefore paying on-peak prices. 

Advantages of Replacing Storage Heaters with Electric Radiators

Advantages of Replacing Storage Heaters with Electric Radiators

Since the inefficient and bulky storage heaters were developed, technology has moved on and efficient, slim, and cost-effective electric radiators have been developed to replace storage heaters. 

A key flaw to storage heaters is that they are set to store heat for 7 hours, which is fixed and cannot be changed. However, our electric radiators are fully thermostatic meaning that consumption of energy matches the weather for you. This ensures the correct level of electricity and comfort throughout the day and night, meaning that storage heater replacement can help you to save energy and money without effort.
Our electric radiators require only a single rate domestic electric tariff. Through comparison sites, the most competitive tariff is only around 10p per kwh and is much more cost-effective than having off-peak and on-peak tariffs. 

Additionally, replacing storage heaters with an efficient heating system like our electric radiators allows you to control the temperature of individual rooms, as well as the times you would like your heating to be on. This means that no energy is being wasted as your heating is only on when you need it. We have even developed an Ultra Slimline electric radiator that can be controlled via an app on your phone, making controllability even easier for the user. 

Our innovative electric radiators incorporate the latest technology to provide an even distribution of heat, ensuring maximum comfort in your home. Unlike storage heaters, our electric radiators are equipped to evenly heat your whole room. 

Replacing your storage heaters with electric radiators will provide you with a radiator that is slim and attractive. Storage heaters are an eyesore that often stand out for all of the wrong reasons. Modern electric radiators are contemporary and attractive, only standing out for the right reasons. 

To ensure that our customers fully understand the benefits of our products and replacing storage heaters with electric radiators, we have carried out real world running costs to show how cost-effective efficient electric radiators are. 

How to Replace Your Storage Heaters with Electric Radiators

Storage Heater Replacement with Electric Radiators

For those who have decided to replace storage heaters with electric radiators, here are the simple steps you need to take in order to do so: 

Step 1: We have a wonderful range of electric radiators that are suitable for a variety of spaces and rooms, based on your needs. Choose your electric radiator and we will deliver within seven to ten days. 

Step 2: Contact your existing electricity supplier and ask to change your tariff to a normal 24-hour tariff. Note that this may take 2/3 weeks and sometimes comes at a small cost.

Step 3: Wait until this is complete, and when it is , move to a more competitive supplier by visiting

Step 4: Your electrician can convert all of your storage heater sockets to a 24-hour supply in the space of 30 minutes.

Step 5: Enjoy your home with your modern and efficient electric radiator! 

Customer Testimonial of Replacing Storage Heaters with Electric Radiators

Over 30% of our orders come from the recommendations of our delighted customers! 

If you’re looking to replace storage heaters with a superior level of controllability, comfort, and efficiency, look into replacing your storage heaters with our electric radiators today. If you have any questions, get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist.