Electric Radiators Direct

Electric Radiators Direct from The Economy Radiator Company

We are committed to producing and selling innovative electric radiators direct that have low running costs and a reduced impact on our environment. Utilising the latest technology, we are able to provide electric radiators that rival all others in terms of cost, controllability, and appearance.

We pride ourselves on being the only UK manufacturer of energy-efficient aluminium electric radiators. Entering the market over 10 years ago, we were one of the first companies to sell electric radiators and started out by distributing imported products like the rest of our UK competitors. Most of these competitors only joined the market 5 years ago and are still importing their electric radiators, but we soon realised that these products were not of the standard that we wished to distribute. As a result of this experience, we decided to manufacture our own high-quality products here in the UK. This decision allows us to provide a quality product and service to all of our customers.

Part of this service is to deliver electric radiators direct to your home – cutting out the middleman and reducing the cost of our products. We provide exceptional value for money through choosing to sell our electric radiators direct from the manufacturer, to the customer. By implementing a procedure that cuts out the transportation of products to showrooms or distributors, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint and avoid unnecessary costs. Through adopting this quick and efficient process, we are able to supply high-quality electric radiators direct at exceptional prices.

Selling our electric radiators direct to you allows us to develop relationships with our customers and gain an understanding of their wants and needs. It is this knowledge that has allowed us to develop our latest Ultra Slimline Electric Radiator. The world of technology is constantly evolving and we always keep up-to-date with the latest trends so we can provide you with an electric radiator that is innovative, intelligent, and economical for the home.

We believe our Ultra Slimline Electric Radiator to be one of the slimmest and most efficient electric radiators on the market. Using a patented technology, this economical electric radiator implements a heating method that uses minimal energy to keep your room at a specified temperature. The design of this radiator flaunts less width and a greater capacity, thus competing against other radiators on the market that require a larger radiator body to produce the same output.  

Due to the quality of our products, combined with the cost-saving benefits of selling our electric radiators direct to your home, we believe that our electric radiators rival all others on the UK market. We are extremely confident in the electric radiators we produce, and in the efficiency of electric radiators when compared to alternative heating systems. We have conducted several case studies to demonstrate the benefits of replacing your existing radiators with electric radiators.

If you are ready to convert your heating system to one that is more efficient, cost-effective, and easier to control – contact us today for more information on getting our innovative electric radiators direct to your door.