How do your electric radiators differ from other makes?

In short, it’s the way they are made, what they’re made from and the components we use. Most importantly, this means the technology that controls them. All this ensures the best possible running costs for our products. To illustrate the savings you can make, we have measured the costs in two different properties.

Why should we buy your electric radiators, rather than others on the market?

When drawing comparisons look at the key features, size, style and quality. In our opinion our radiators are more attractive, smaller in size (taking up less of your valuable living space) and often less expensive to purchase.

Can your electric radiators be plugged into a normal domestic socket?

Yes. They can be plugged into a normal household 13 amp socket.

What about the load on the household ring main?

Due to the nature of our products, this will never be a problem if they are used properly. As you will see from our test results, the consumption is very light. By programming each room sensibly there is really no load issue.

What is your delivery time?

We try and use our driver wherever possible, maximum delivery is 7-10 working days.

How much will it cost me to run your electric radiators?

Because all homes are different, it’s impossible for us to provide a specific running cost for your individual property. However, as you will see from the test properties, our products return very impressive results.

How do you get such amazingly low electricity prices?

We use ukpower.co.uk as a means of ensuring that electricity prices remain low. We speak to far too many customers in the UK who pay too much for their electricity. Make sure you compare your prices and get the best rate.

Energy Comparison Tool

Can I set each of my radiators for different times and temperatures?

Yes. All of our products are installed with multi-time and multi-temperature controls, giving you complete control and a vast range of options. We recommend setting a unique program for each room in your home to get the best running costs.

Which side of your radiators do the electricity cables come from?

The cable is on the right hand side, when looking at the wall. But don’t worry, you don’t need to move your electricity socket if it’s not on the right hand side of the radiator’s location: the cable is long enough to reach a plug socket on the left by running it behind the radiator.

Can we order a longer cable?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a longer cable than 1.5m long.

Does removing the plug affect the warranty?

Removing the plug and wiring should only be carried out by a professionally competent person – if the plug is removed and rewired correctly (to professional standards), it will not affect the warranty. The warranty would be affected, however, if the plug was removed and re-wired incorrectly. If in any doubt, please seek advice from a qualified electrician.

Is there a showroom near my home where I can see the radiators in use?

We don’t have showrooms around the country, and for a very good reason: we can reduce our costs and pass on the savings to you. We cut out the middlemen by manufacturing and then selling directly to you over the internet. This way we can provide amazing value for money.

If you want to see our radiators in action, you can watch videos and images of our products on our website, which will provide a visual impression. And if you live near us, or are passing through, you can also view our radiators at our showroom Yorkshire (UK).

Can we see the product in situ at one of your existing customers’ properties?

Our apologies, but Data Protection and our own respect for our customers’ privacy means that this is not currently possible. But you can take a look at our case studies, to get an idea of how the radiators look in people’s homes.

If we order multiple radiators, can we get a discount?

We’re very sorry, but we don’t offer discounts as we already offer the best possible price at all times. 

Do I have to set a program to use my radiators?

In short, no. You can set a manual temperature and leave this constantly running. This is a really easy way to get up and running quickly.

To achieve the very best running costs we recommend setting a program that works for your schedule.

How do I program my economy radiator?

You can see our instructional video here.

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