Reviews and Testimonials

At the Economy Radiator Company we believe in offering a trustworthy, transparent service. Below are some testimonials we have collected from our satisfied customers. If you have any questions or would like to leave your own review, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thanks, can I just say how impressed I am with the efficiency of these radiators. The thermostats and programmes are amazing. Everybody keeps commenting on how much heat they can throw out. Now in throws of sorting out electric supplier, almost there.
Thanks once again

Carol Clayton

Mr Wood had the rads in for just 18 months - they are the best. We have
told so many people about how good they are. Can you send me a couple of brochures so I can forward them to potential customers.

Gary & Rose Waters

Just a quick email to say a big thank you to you and all the staff.
We have received the three radiators from you in very quick time, on the day and at the time promised. I fitted the radiators that evening and they were so easy to install and set up. Our cottage is now lovely and warm and the average electricity usage daily has dropped by a considerable amount. Our next door neighbours came round and said that they have never known the cottage to be so warm, (they have lived next door for 25 years or so). As soon as I can afford it I will be purchasing the last 2 radiators and the towel radiators for the bedrooms and the bathroom. Please use this as a further recommendation for your product, and I look forward to reporting our annual usage to you this time next year...

Paul & Penny Wheatley

Thanks for replying so quickly I will re-order after Christmas.
Just to let you know the 2 radiators I purchased last year justify all your claims. Absolutely brilliant.


Thank you so much for your excellent service, I have now re-calibrated and it’s working fine.
Brilliant after sales and excellent product.
I have passed your details on to a conservatory company. They are installing a conservatory for me and were well impressed with the system and after sales.

Joe Dutton

Please feel free to add this email to your list of satisfied customers, I am more than happy to share this information with any of your prospective buyers.
Well, the end of an experiment has finally arrived today (8/9/2011). Having purchased earlier this year 3 large radiators and 3 small radiators for our 3 bedroom house. I deliberately set the radiator temperatures very low so that they would not turn on and have waited until today to adjust up the temperature to suit. During my experiment I found the coldest part of the living room and left a thermometer at that point. I have been monitoring the temperature and was surprised at how high the indoor temperatures really are. Suffice to say that indoor temperatures are definitely much higher than expected so I can confirm to anyone reading the brochures and seeing 22 degrees as a comfort temperature that 22 degrees is not as high as you might think. Today the room temperature stayed at 18 degrees and I have to say it was not comfortable, I was starting to feel cold. I adjusted the radiator temperature to 20 degrees and the radiator did not turn on, the program was for comfort mode, I adjusted again to 22 degrees and this time the radiator turned on. All the radiators were then set to 22 degrees comfort, 18 degrees economy.
Within 20 minutes of turning on the radiators the living room temperature had risen by 3 degrees and I could feel the warmth building up in the centre of the room, within 35 minutes the whole of the house had been brought up to temperature as all the radiators had turned off.
The house temperature has been maintained since and the radiators have barely turned on during that time. These radiators are efficient and I think I could be looking forward to one of the cheapest heating bills I have ever known. To anyone thinking of buying these radiators I can say that the default temperature settings are just right. These radiators are a far better alternative to gas central heating.

Mick Hinton

One year with your Slimline Elec. radiators.
I have kept detailed records of consumption against the old storage rads.
1 year storage rads = 21,162kwh
1 year your slimline rads = 15,566 Kwh
26% less electric, yet 50% more heat
The main advantage: control and comfort levels. Compared to old rubbish storage heaters - uncontrollable.

Richard Davies

My wife and I have a property in Spain where, although the weather is blisteringly hot in the height of summer, the winters are often very cold and damp and with no central heating and tiled floors, houses are uncomfortable in winter.
We saw economy radiators in a number of Spanish houses and the Spaniards seemed very pleased with their performance, so we collected information from a major electrical supplier but before purchasing these we repatriated to our small 2 bed semi in rural Staffordshire.
From new, these houses had Credanet storage heaters fitted in each room (a Creda product). It quickly became obvious that these were not fit for our purpose, they were ugly, uneconomical and took up a lot of space. On searching the internet we found your product and arranged to visit you. We felt the slimline radiators would be preferable for us and purchased the number you suggested for each room and a towel rail for our bathroom.
Since installing them in September 2009, (and they took 10 mins each to install), we have found that our total electricity usage has cost £340 which equates to pennies less than £10.00 per week. This includes heating, lighting, cooking, pond pump, everything. We are delighted with the system and it does exactly what you said it would. If it had not, I would surely have written to tell you so! Our old system worked on the two tariff economy 7, so once the storage radiators were taken out we contacted EDF and changed to the online single tariff (EDF version 6) which further helped to reduce costs.
We wanted to send you this information in case you wanted to use it in whole or part to assure potential customers, of the accuracy of your statistics. Please feel free to give our contact number to those who may not believe your claims. Thank you again for all your help.

Mike, Dee and Malc Gregory

Just thought I would drop you an interim report: So far we are delighted with the radiators. Obviously haven't experienced truly cold weather as yet but we find them so responsive. Having been used to storage and convector heaters, what an improvement. We really are not too bothered about running costs as it is the comfort and ease of use we appreciate, however we look forward to comparing the costs in the future months.

Robert Chalmers

I recently purchased 3 heaters from you and I have to say it's the best purchase we have made this year. We have tried to replace our old storage heaters for some time with little success. These heaters are absolutely brilliant; easily controllable, affordable and the heat is just like a radiator...but better. Thanks very much for all your help.

P Hammerton

Just installed the new economy radiators I purchased from you . Couldn't be more pleased! Installed them myself in 2 hours (5 in total) and just can't believe the difference! Very easy to install and set up and up to temperature and rooms warmed in no time! Tariff changed from economy 7 to e-on at an estimated saving of over £250 per year, unbelievable! Will be recommending these to the people in my area who still have the outdated storage economy 7 type of heating without a doubt! Again many thanks for an excellent product and service.

Neil Candlish

I bought 2 of these for my son’s flat in Aberdeen, he had night storage heaters. What a difference these are, heat when you actually want it, temperature controlled and stylish as well. Very pleased, and so is my son.

John Hamilton Inverness

We have recently purchased radiators from you, and I would just like to say that we are very happy with them. In fact we prefer them to the ones we purchased for our other HMO. As you said they were easy to install and work very well. Should we need any other heating in the future we will most certainly contact you first. Please feel free to use us a reference.

Adele Gibbons

It’s two years now since we bought a whole house system from you to replace storage heaters.

I must say we have been delighted with the results, especially in the very cold weather in December.
They were easy to install, look good and are so straightforward to programme either in automatic or manual modes and produce excellent results giving good balanced heat. We have taken your advice and tend to leave the main rooms and bathroom on all the time, just reducing the overnight temperature as necessary.

I am on the current British Gas Websaver 7 Tariff and have been satisfied with my costs; it’s the adaptability and controllability that is the great advantage.
I'm happy for you to use my input if required.

Iain McKinlay

After a very long and cold winter with a lot of snow down here we were really grateful how well the economy radiators kept our home very warm all the time!
I have found that they were not only more efficient but even cheaper to run than my old storage heaters.

Stephen Green

Just wanted to write to say how pleased I am with the radiators. The replacement radiator, now fitted, is working well and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. They look so smart and the holiday flat really looks as if it has been upgraded and is really warm at 'all the right times'.
I am hoping that the local Planning Dept will pass plans for us to build a second holiday flat. If that goes through I will certainly come back to you with a view to fitting out the flat with more of your radiators.
Thanks for all your help and your efficient service.


I recently took delivery of 20 of your 1.5 KW radiators for a project in Malta.
The property is of solid stone construction with very thick walls and high ceilings. Whilst winter temperatures are mild in comparison to the UK circa 6-8 C the humidity is 95 percent and feels very cold and damp. I am pleased to say your product really works and is very cost effective.
I have been in the property market for many years and have never experienced such a wonderful product, that does exactly as described in the sale literature, and in addition so simple to install. I must admit I was cautious as to your cost claims but am happy to confirm that the running costs are exactly as listed (very low).

Chris Seymour-Prosser